Our Staff


Eunice Aguilar

A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR EVOLUTION: I grew up in a hair salon by force, but as I got older I realized I had a very strong passion for the beauty industry. By the time I graduated high school I had my Cosmetology License. I worked at my mother's salon all throughout my high school years and even after I graduated. She shortly fired me after; it's a really funny story and I 'll have to share one day if you don't already know it. I had to find an actual salon and get a real job! I worked at La Cantera when it first opened for about 3 years and learned so much. I knew then I wanted more out of this career; I wanted to travel, get educated on the ins and outs of the industry. I knew I needed to make a change. I moved salons and started investing in my education. I realized I had a passion for growing people as well. I love seeing those around me succeed. I realized the best way to do that is to open an establishment of my own. I always told myself that I would have my own salon before the age of 30. Well, here I am! I opened my own salon by the age of 28! I couldn't be more excited! I love my team and I'm so excited to see them EVOLVE! Throughout all of that transition. I became an Artist/Educator for REDKEN, the product company, that my salon is exclusive to. I am Color Certified and Design Certified through Redken. I love seeing stylist grow behind the chair. But I also love being able to give my clients excatly what they want and what looks best on them. THE BEST PART OF MY CAREER: I love being able to meet all different kinds of people. I love hearing their stories but, what I love the most being able to change the way someone feels about themselves by a simple haircut or color. The moment my clients walk out of the salon doors or gets up from my chair with the biggest smile , That's the moment that makes everything worth it. That's the best part of my career! WHAT INSPIRES YOU: I'm inspired by the beauty in this world, all that there is to learn about the industry, but also knowing the fact that I can help make this world a better place one head of hair at a time. Being able to bring someones features out, compliment their features and have them feel better. That's what truly inspires me! WHO IS YOUR HAIR STYLE ICON. I Love Marilyn Monroe, Eva Mendez and Rihanna. I feel they have timeless beauty in thier own way. They're strong women and their style is undeniably beautiful. NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WTHOUT: YIKES!!! I never leave the house without my debit card, phone and my calendar. These three things will get me through anything!! Yes a calendar, I don't trust technology!! Not with everything I have in there at least. RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOURSELF: I am obsessed with Kobe Bryant from the Los Angeles Lakers!... but like seriously obsessed!

Kaitlin O'Connor

A LITTLE ABOUT MY EVOLUTION... When I was younger and people would ask me what I wanted to be when i grew up, my answer was always the same, BARBIE! Yep you guessed it! Well as reality set in as I got older, years down the road I went dowm a few different career paths until i realized that maybe i would finally give the beauty industry a shot. Whether I thought i would be good at it or not, i took the leap and fell in love! I attended The Salon Professional Academy throughout the year of 2015 and recieved my cosmetology lisence shortly after graduating from the program! I am now apart of the Artistic Team here at Evolve Salon and i am loving every minute of this crazy beautiful life!

THE BEST PART OF MY CAREER... Thus far in my career i would have to say that my favorite part has been being given the amazing opportunity to attend extra classes to further my education which also helped me recieve my certification in becoming a Redken Specialist! I learned so much during those classes, I couldnt wait to bring the knowledge home to my clients!

WHAT INSPIRES ME... Growing up I always watched my dad work so incredibly hard for our family regardless the job. He has inspired me since day one to whatever I need to work as hard as I can to get all that I want out of life. Also, my clients, they inspire me daily. My clients make me want to better myslef everyday and become a better stylist for them. And last but not least, i am inspired by my boss, Eunice Aguilar. She makes me strive for everything that I think is impossible and gives me the courage to be not only a better a stylist but also individually as a person!

MY FAVORITE STYLE ICON... One of my favorites would have to be Kat Von D, I love her spunkiness and her tattoos make her flawless! I also love Blake Lively, I am intrigued by her style and natural beauty!

I NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT... I always always have my chapstick on my person! Also, my teasing comb, the higher the hair the closer to Jesus!! ♥♥♥

A RANDOM FACT ABOUT MYSELF... I absolutely LOVE to laugh and to make others laugh! It is my favorite thing in the whole world!

Jasmine Baskerville

A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR EVOLUTION OF STYLE: I've been a hair stylist professionally for a little over 3 years, but I have always had love for the beauty industry since I was a kid asking my mom how to apply her "lip skip!" By the time I was 15, I was doing friends hair & make up for dances and knew that's what I wanted to do after I graduated. After I graduated high school I moved to San Antonio and started going to cosmetology school and haven't looked back since!

THE BEST PART OF YOUR CAREER: I would have to say the best part of my career would be seeing my client satisfied with my work and how someone's attitude can transform when you do someone's hair well. I love giving my clients that boost of confidence.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU: Individuality inspires me. For a long time I feel like the beauty industry had one way to look at beauty and I want to help change that. Seeing people own a flaw or wear something unconventional really inspires me to think outside of the box and even inspires me to think of new ways to do things inside of the box.

WHO IS YOUR STYLE/ HAIR ICON: My style icon is Rihanna! I love her so much! Her style is so unique, but she can be very elegant at the same time and you never know what style she's going to rock next. She's sexy and fun and I'm here for it!

NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT: A lip color! From just chapstick to a black lipstick. I alwasy need something on my lips.

RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOURSELF: I recently bought DJ equipment and I'm slowly teaching myself how to mix music. Hopefuly I will be able to DJ at clubs, and parties, and major fashion events one day.

Marley Lopez

A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR EVOLUTION: Ever since I was little I had been interested in the beauty industry. I rememeber curling my little sister's hair with the newest Mary-Kate and Ashley curling iron and watching my mom do her make up, effortlessly, every morning before school. It isn't any surprise that I'd fall in love with being a stylist!

THE BEST PART OF YOUR CAREER: I would have to say that my favorite aspect about my career would be that I have the potential to really brighten someone's day. There's nothing more fulfilling than seeing my guest gush about how much they love their hair.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU: Being an artist, inspiration is key. I like to look to mother nature to stay inspired. Flowers have the perfect way of tying ribbons of colored,textured petals together so seamlessly. Birds and butterflies have flawless color balance and symmetery. I like to try to reflect the same in my work.

WHO IS YOUR STYLE/HAIR ICON: My hair icon is definately Guy Tang, hands down. I love his techniques and his crazy spark He's very talented and even his vivid color artistry can be applied to create any versatile looks!

NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT: I never leave the house without a journal. I find that writing keeps me collected and organized. It helps me channel my thoughts and allows me to think clearly about life.

RANDOM FACY ABOUT YOURSELF: I'm a huge anime fan and if it's Disney related, it has my adortion. I love cats, and believe giraffes are the models of the animal kingdom, also, I'll never say no to coffee.

Stephanie Guerrero